I face an email volume of some hundreds weekly. Some small percentage, usually those that like studying and reading, will get some of the vibe, that together by using mathematics and new creative principles of organizing knowledge for all, we not only all get a piece of the pie, like we have in California, but we make more pie for all the world, and show them how to make pie. A bit optimistic, but overall dirt-poor world percentage is now 22%, used to be 43%. Still, 132,000 per day die of hunger, many others from preventable medical illness. Some of those would have been our geniuses, others the strong caregivers and promoters of positive  action and causes.

Here, we write science fiction, promote fun brain science, solve problems in interesting ways, and even show the up do date how to make money ideas, to the minute.  We organize  things, make them easier to see and use. We alert your imagination to the power of ideas, the return of ideals and why, the profits and riches of Self -realization and Enlightenment; we don't challenge ourselves enough, and our youth often lies discarded like an old change of clothes by the bedside.

Our attempt is to create POSITIVE MENTAL ENERGY as a dedicated study for all of us, both its results, and its mechanisms. Please realize we are about the same as it ever was: not cave people, exactly, more like box people: we are boxed in from living and our own minds' ignorance of what should be given door to door, it is that important a natural and national resource: The power of our IDEA SHARING, comparing what we have found as space explorers on the ship moving through the cosmos towards the Great Attractor (where else?). This method can cancel out each other's blindspots. We also do sports and adventure, make film, contact us we need support of the concepts and implementations.

In one of our ideas, the rich help the middle income become well off, the new well-off help the homeless with Community Action Groups to make the poor become middle income by operation of personal business machines on their behalf. The "used to be poor" then help the rich get some exercise and some heart, Spirit, positive emotions, yeah, even the mean ones, but for them it's around Christmas.  We create PORTABLE MARKET BAZAARS to take to impoverished regions to  creatively find ways for them to make money.

Why don't we drop by airplane all the stuff we don't use and give it to poor countries?

 Every week this page will change. DGI receives reports, and you can too, from the top research institutions in the world by signing up for their newsletter. We have found that much if not 99% of the news that INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS BOTH need is not being presented! This was a high alert to a group that prides itself on scholarship, attention, perception, and comprehension.

 There was some kind of passive-aggressive attack on us, environment 15, which is media, was failing in reporting what there was that would benefit the person, then their family and friends, then the people across the street, and the ones around the corner.

Here, in collaboration between the power of ideas and their implementations, is the attempt to  build a better world and have a fun time doing it. THIS is the school, and it contains the colleges and universities, which are specialized skills training centers.

 WE completely understand that few will understand this website or its contents. The loss of IDEALS and misunderstanding of what creativity is (see: only sons of noblemen can read 500 years ago), the large scale civilization of the passengers on this big ship, who have not been given an inventory, or until now, a TV TRAVEL machine (of course, right?), is in part responsible.

If seeing is the hardest thing, 1-A is comprehension, 1-B is what to do about it, 1-C how to keep new positive data coming in with the right filters. The essence of our lives is what to do with our emotions and how to deal with the others, does this not appear so? We can think and speak again as if we were children! You had better keep the play side of things alive, this is how we create, and not with drinking. These habits can be harmful.

 We ask all of the people for all of the answers to all of the questions and publish them here. You will see that they default to the mis-understanding of Art, science, creativity, heart, and the post traumatic effects of money, barbarism, mental illness (meaning: illusion and hypnosis problem, appraisal by the super creatives missing, no eclecticism)

 DGI finds about 15 environments that “shine their light” on us to effect human programming of routines and habits, and form the temporal Connectome, where we spend our time. This in turn, nearly defines the Architectome. We eat light in  the form of food, and we are programmed by it, hence the cell phone sickness we commonly see daily among the people.
















 If you finish high school the chance of you becoming a criminal is much less. If you finish college, the chances of you becoming an employee are much higher. What is hidden is how much more simple it is to get into several businesses, if the 9-5 is not for you.

 By the way, this “they” are the sum of the rays from the 15 environments you find yourself in, and the relative receptivity of your internal Mind and Brain system circuits. Intensity and duration are correlates here.

 DGI has members that have been to great world schools, and those that come up with ideas of merit irregardless of origin.  we are composed of thinkers and creative problem solvers with a will to make the world better, and to share and collect valuable idea resources and general useful knowledge with all, door to door which is simple enough. What we should ALL have, the true common knowledge. Thinkers and the super creative from all 222 countries: one world, one common by sum vision, we all see the world at once with our invention TV TRAVEL found at YOUTUBE Galaxy Studios. We take you there from your living room, you truly live now!


This is where you come to wake up!

 WE are
NIGHT CITY for the creative minds

 Before 30 it is all social life social life social life and some learning, a skill to take to market. What you were not shown is the eclectic side of things, the rich sources of power, the ways in which you are undervaluing your offer to the world and yourself.

You can buy your freedom with American Business. This is a capitalistic country, not an employee country. If you develop the desire you move on so you have more fun money, better and better ways, and you do your science from  home unless you need giant machines; you can always write authors and attend conferences. We allow others to take all our time, we lose its control after 30 or so, it seems. We funnel it to job and family, and that takes all of the time, and for the right reasons. From every gain there is a loss; from every loss, a gain.

 Or does it? The human has these possessions, each has circuits that vibrate in there creating energy to create new thoughts from ideas, the painted picture of pre-thought, the structure featuring thought as its product. You have to form a curiosity, a repulsion from, or a general neutrality about things. If curious, you turn on your recorder, if it reaches “greater than” your file opens and begins to record to send to the Hippocampus.

 Yes, I know, who would have guessed that there are tiny hippopotomi in your head, much less that they have a university, but this is what science tells us in 2017.

 Oh, nobody is waking up any time soon unless you are one of the 3% that can move the pieces around, can see what the parts are and how to put them together and in motion. Civilization has turned our really heroic performers into tired workers who could not even suspect, certainly not from any education any of us have had, the knowledge of how to move from job to businesses, to reclaim their time, to work from home, to be healthier and work out more, eat better, many benefits. Instead we go on automatic, and buckle down. It is a push-button reality; honey, have you seen the remote?

Reality, suggested and instilled in us by the environments we attend, has been only suggested if eclecticism, how to make money in simple business, the powers of positive mental energy, and much more you will see on these pages, have been left out. To grow better stronger minds, we exercise our brains, we learn. Learning is reading or copying a process shown to you with many repetitions.  Being CLEVER will be used here; miracle of miracles many of the problems, good and bad, facing us, are because we are principally instructed in being a consumer and making money in the form of being an employee and now: there are no jobs more and more, and the robots are here.  We find that by simple math analysis, many if not most of the problems do not need money, but team thought, what we call IDEA SHARING in both general, and topic versions.

We use financial judo and make the robots make the money for us and we become creative, but by new definition, more powerful, more clear, more useful, more fun: we create the VALUE-ADDED DOLLAR where one becomes 100, 100 a thousand: along with your purchase and the bill, you spin the wheel of fortune, and you win: songs from musicians local, fine art lesson free meet this artist, music lesson half off, fine writings by local authors (who needs the gatekeepers to approve us? WE can present our work creative to all online. The promo on Facebook is $5 a day, not $10,000 a month like ad agency fee).

We are quick to note that the thin veneer on which our lives and cities rest is not creative, and is derivative from the last 12,000 years of barbarism (people in the year 3000 will say 13,000). It is by missing this critical misunderstood element that we have devolved as problem solvers By the year 1500 kings already had inventor problem solving contests, but not today; it must today be a commercially viable product to make money off the consumers. The golden calf? We are suffering the post-traumatic stress disorders from the affectation of our history. Shame on the humans, the word itself means HIS STORY meaning Jesus, and we have written it in blood. 

Nobody gets away from the blast of history, which for us moderns is only 10 years, past that it is like mythology, so remote and removed from our tattoos.

If you guessed that I am a big big man with a beard as big as my head nearly, with a nest of Robbins living in it, you would be wrong. The Robbins have gone south for winter. See the videos linked.

ART is not art! Certainly not "artifact: that which was left behind" but, by our modern world necessities:  In the third millennium it had become apparent to clears that Art is the Synthetic alliance of thought, invention, science, creative problem solving  and engineering with fine arts, writing, film making, and music.  We optimize the results by having super creative persons (who are eclectic, know more than one field or form of thought, possessors of fluid intelligence) work with the technically more knowledgeable who very often are not particularly creative but are good at going deep once the picture-thought has been planted. With the new methods, we attempt the most difficult first, in order to leave time for ice cream:  Medical Science. We develop in groups new lines of reasoning for all the sciences, they run with the ball and score a plane-braker (there have been no "touchdowns" since 1954 when  the rules changed to breaking the plane to score, keep that under your cranium and you see mass-hypnosis right before your eyes at the game, nobody is touching anything down).  Another fun thing: being invisible. Sit in a restaurant next to someone you know well, but they do not notice you because their focus is on the group they are having lunch with. You literally feel invisible, so much fun.

 Now, we could ask ourselves what else is going on while I am doing this pattern, this routine; what of the world?

 But we don’t; only some, and those are usually called philosophers: they bring no cash.

 Or don’t they? First, we are working on that motivation thing, certainly is has to do with life being great, great environments, great luck and attitude often towards learning, but unless you are a doctor, lawyer, dentist (a type of doctor?), or party planner, your big money comes from business. Here is its formula:  Ax + Bi = Sum {C e^G) which means your setup money sets you up to try the online, the businesses that pay $50-100 per hour or more and we list them and ask you for more: we should all have a book of the new ideas financially for us: we are not taught to create a personal financial business machine in grade 5, inventions in 4, and making film in grade 6.

STANDING WAVE REPRESENTATION OF BUSINESS:  P --> S --> TM (product, sales, target markets)

Company offer of products and services USES  pro marketing and SALES  TO Connect to: target markets, vendor to corporations, and TRADE SHOWS where fortunes are made easy. More clear online at the web.  Before, when Daffy Duck's card would not process when buying chap stick, he would just say, "Put it on my bill!"  But now: "Hey, hey, the card is good, you HAVE to take credit!"

 WHY IS THIS NOT FRONT PAGE NEWS? IT IS HERE We have a list of 130 ways for you to make money online as 14% have, of course one of them is online using Facebook promotions, or being a writer on Amazon, iTunes, or what business is: BUY and SELL can get your stuff from auctions. This is the age of dreams and hopefully the age of life extension. You get about 80 years if lucky, and the last five every 45 minutes it's breakfast! If one person can come up with 130 ways, by writing your email to DGI We have hundreds of ideas in each category on increasing income, mind, body, and spirit. Why add those to the money ideas? Because everything happens in life but we don't know where or in what order. You didn't see that one coming, did you? I went to work out, met a girl, I was at the library found inventions collaborator, I went to meditate on a big hill found a wallet, returned it, got $50. And, the more cross sectional area for data mining in all your attentions you create, the more positive energy mental you can extract, open more data surfaces, get more energy. You can see why I only drink 5 cups of coffee a day: I just don't need outside stimulation.

Some numbers:    

56 Mentality Wheels on which we spin: 56 types of jobs

85% seem to share same brain design, outlooks

15% brain designs, unconventional, different payoffs sought

3% appear to move the pieces around: Billionaires, super-creatives, governance

31 Metroplexes, areas with 4 M +, to establish your dealer network

30-40 Distinct neighborhoods per Metro to distribute GOOD NEWS door to door

4% failure is the manufacturing maximum tolerance rate

2% are mentally ill

7% are prone to violence by history or chemistry

7 "Smart files" in your brain: we can cultivate them

7 is the actual number of senses we have

5 Realities: 1 Nature (under here somewhere, we cut down the trees)  2 what we get now

3 what we get now if we we get creative 4 The Vacuum 5 our brains, nexus for the vacuum e

4 Brains: the one you think with, the one that is "You," your Cerebellum for 

body movement and coordination, and your pancreas biochemical brain.

222 Number of countries in your world.

7 Human possessions : Mind, Body, Wallet, Time, Spirit, Social life (luck, and the finding and creating new social circles every 10 years, network breaks down), and Special Projects: play drums, save world

We are all alone in our little space ships! You just wonder what the others are doing with their aloneness? Are they project driven? Do they just kind of sit there in baked potato outfits?  Are they executing from a checklist, or taking time to do errands and to-do's? Do they wonder about much of everything, or are they waiting for evolution, nothing's going to bring them down? Or you say you want revolution, but you just can't get around? Are we passengers on a Time Train, some look out the windows, others read  a book, others text their brains off? Where is my stop, where do I finally get off?

I will film THE CHALLENGE : The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth

I am in the same boat as anyone: as a salesman I sold the 1 M dollar deal at the tallest casino in Vegas, only to be defrauded of the commissions by a senseless act of ignorance by a sad failinng management against our top client, so I am as broke as 60% of you, we are in this together, I need my multiple incomes too; where is my internet money? I want some of that dot com money! Give me some internet money! Please donate and get yourself anything from the inventions or publications list. 11 invention designs out, 29 more to come. Some did not work out like glow-wash and tennis: court statistician.

The second was  a device you put on the tennis racket to keep track of winners and unforced errors. I got real serious before the test: in a serious voice I said, "Let's put the Court Statistician strips on the racket, and begin to keep track of our statistics."  We began to play tennis. We forgot all about the "devices" because tennis is too fun! Maybe for a coach, but not right now for mass use by players.

In THE CHALLENGE  I am the same crazy (by social definition, not psychiatric; creativity is misunderstood, as you shall see) you see, trying to make a million dollars to buy a new ass (this one has a hole in it) by waking up and reading. Then writing. Then working on Edison-like inventions lying all around; big piles of notes for the writing. Then I go do sales, establish my own dealer network for my designs, then I go play tennis basketball, or football, run bike ride. At night I study mathematics, physics, mathematical physics, and the brain-mind trilogy. I do some experiments, on paper of course: in my family we don't touch anything, especially machines. We just talk about it a lot, except for a couple of my uncles, who are inventors too. One night a week we make movies and comedy, once or twice a week I am on the drums for a few hours in SpiriTech: technology of Spirit we are post rock and have some original beats. DGI takes questions and answers at every show from audience,  all important causes and their agencies. Come to my open mikes, this may be how THE CHALLENGE finishes. Comedy is my shot at making $2000 for one hour's work, nice change of financial channels. I have a good one: An Irishman walks OUT of a bar! Shortest in the world?

For our blinders, many things are either ridiculous crazy loco or embarrasing, so we stay focused on the middle. The History of  being crazy is not what you think it is, see: ship of fools, what it meant. The difference between apathy and ignorance? I don't know and I don't care.

There is an excitement here, something unusual, a style of modern thought: If given this, then this can happen. Here we work off excitement of creation and discovery, the solution of problems.  We know many like it calm and peaceful, serene, tranquil, your system is so configured, arranged by its circuits. WE CREATE OPTIONS FOR YOU, WE SHOW YOU COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEWS OF YOUR WORLD, AND YOU TRAVEL THERE WITH TV TRAVEL, AND YOU ENGAGE IN FUN BUSINESS THERE WITH THEIR PEOPLE.

If not for you, keep it in your ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MECHANISMS AND DATA, your memory, which keeps processes and data for the planning/execution/post action analysis area you may know as Brodmann 10, located where the Indian mystic third eye is (glasses made in hour and a half).

Certain visions, actors, will make their entry into your THEATRE OF THE IMAGINATION, and remember to pay your light bill for the theater:  It is the heart that powers the Imagination, and the heart of hearts. For some the stage is empty, dusty really, but a really enthusiastic youth in you may yet write some new dramas, some new play for you to see there, in  your Mind, featuring you and yours. 

 We have found the genie-in-us, that if two minds are better than one, then 320 million are better than two and 7.4 B are better than 320 M. This is all free, it is Cuban technology.

 I Warren Peace am from Cuba.  The equator, where all of our body designs are from, has 100 types of fruits and vegetables, organic there is just “the way it should always have bene grown,” here there are only about 29 types. of food, notice the store: all the same mostly. 

Our mothers-to-be should be on Equatorial diets for two years before even trying to put a bun in the oven. What do you think of this? Good Idea? Can't hurt unless allergies.

There are fossil records showing human migration from Africa to China 25,000 years ago, yet records of China only go back 20,000: Who are those people fooling? Do you really think they are going to get there and like no Chinese food for 5000 years?  Unthinkable.

Do you see the regular domesticated chicken in their coop, going in circles, one two faded colors? Do you see they are domesticated from the African chicken, the mother continent chicken, which has 14 bright colors and walks around proudly? Where are we, in a public library?

 Sadly to me there are few champions of themes or new thought in groups, or those that bring up general valuable topics for discussion: I think you will agree that people settle for taking about other people, small insignificant things really, or their job usually with a fellow worker in that field.

 Not so for those of us that awoke during 9-11. We became aware of a world here, rich, we could SEE that the world was in trouble, much big trouble, we had fallen asleep and been domesticated out of self-recognition, that we are all stewards of a world space ship, that we were the passengers, and we had no clues what was there in all 222 countries to solve the problems: the thinkers, the creative problem solvers, their products (demanded!) from those people, their sum here at DGI and in other places, door to door, for say American life is in 31 metros, they each have 31 “neighborhoods” to pamphleteer but wait: if 10 in each metro are pamphleteered with this GOOD NEWS, then all of them are especially with the “copy and pass this on!” on each flyer. 310 little walk-arounds with great news, and we have given POSITIVE MENTAL ENERGY to all, and by IDEA SHARING  from our PERSONAL BROCHURE, what we have learned in life, we go go go! We have vans go around with supplies for the homeless.

We use simple idea sharing methods and mathematical analyses of the patterns, and patterns of patterns, to extract the solutions and simplifications of the “problems” and solutions.

 Now we get to the good part. The world was easy, the people were hard! The problem was us! We are all suffering from POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER and should treat ourselves to two slices of DGI to relieve these tensions.

Think: people can power up those ideas factory they have in their head if they are shown how, then we can link them in parallel or in series, collaborative or adding up the individual projects. We are not doing this, and THIS is the greenest (brown too) source of energy, that we can all contribute, we all have answers for each other, we are born as positive light emitters (at least the Charismatic and Rosicrucian  brain models are), and this is our moment to shine brightly, our little world needs us. Get off automatic for half hour a day and come here.

14% of us: the payoffs are not enough, we need more. 86% a job is just fine, they need the structure, the time given is OK, they feel safer than being in their own business, but now: the machines do the business for us, why would we not take this great news door to door? Would it not begin with: How many websites with PayPal do you have? Few are thinking of this, which is why DGI notes that the human, programmed by light, has Illusion and Hypnosis going on, without noticing, as a guidance as to what wall of information we are reading from in our subconscious, no magician needed!

 Think about it: we work by ILLUSION AND HYPNOSIS, the powers of suggestion (see: grandmother advice) will be found to be 1000 times and of a dramatic intensity not even dreamed of. We have to talk ourselves, or be talked into things: words out here become thoughts in there, which are then translated to emotion, energy of motion and programming. We walk around hypnotized, looking at an illusion which we try to consolidate with the 18 maps of Reality we produce, for we are map makers, and are constantly examining the world for consistency: it takes us 1/250 of a second to know if what we are seeing is real or fake, like a mannequin. Our brain does 1000 operations per second, and this was done in much less. It is because we see in templates, you don’t need to see the whole chair or couch to know it is a chair or a couch, you see a 6x6 matrix of features.

 Right about now you are wondering how you are going to become a writer, turn on your super creativity. We call that page 8. The back of your mind may want to make a film band and have great stuff coming out every month. We call that page 6. It is all here, but, you may wonder, what is this all?

 The human, not knowing what time is, also not knowing what they are, is a camera-telescope ambulatory bi pedal quantum-chemical recording and analysis unit. What is recorded is the energy of motion of the picture, the emotion. At the same time, peak intensities are seen as “feelings” you have when viewing, that you may remember later.

 We got to the brain mind system, the brain is automatic the mind has a little play, but we cannot unwind the entire enchilada here, but we want to leave you with our mission.

 We understand that only some, the excited, those who think of the arts and science both, very few if any, will click with what we do. We represent proudly ACTION PHILOSOPHY, THOUGHT, CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING, MAKING A LOT OF MONEY IN BUSINESS, FUN, ADVENTURE, ART GETS AGGRESSIVE WAKE UP NOW.

 Types of IDEALS, rich sources of energy for those that can feel them, you feel me? Feeling is fielding, scientific fields that oscillate and create a variety of phenomena.

 What are the agendas of this ambulatory telescope, coming out of 12,000 years of barbarism onto this new world, hurt, damaged by the 3 stories we carry (money, an old narrative, body, agriculture) which are weighing us down so much without IDEA SHARING and the finding of the EMOTIONAL CONTROL BOX, so we can optimize what it is that we champion in ourselves:




SPIRIT (the richness within, how clean we feel, how we deal)


SOCIAL (a matter of luck and finding new social circles)

SPECIAL PROJECT play drums; planetary service

 It is by increasing those 7 that we increase life for ourselves and others. Understanding how our brain works, that hunger is passion, is vital and our lack of is the reason we are still Cave people, just the cave is like a box now. By thinking together in this machine, contribute by email on subject line DepartmentOfGoodIdeas@Gmail.com is the best way to get your point across, we add the ideas up with a Bayesian Net mathematical approach. As president of the math club, I knew how to solve problems: get the Japanese guy to do it!

 For now order some designs with PayPal for donation only, some writings from the publications pages. Join the TV TRAVEL club, the Science Fiction club.

 Our original mission is to not only unify the arts and the sciences to use the full palette of creative problem solvers, good hearts that want to create for all, with technical science to invent positive solutions for all. The money should not drag us down now that we have these robots to do the work for us.

 DGI has many innovative solutions to put in play, like a good quarterback calling great plays by reading the defense. We can help everyone.

 We will get back around to mathematics, physics, mathematical physics, and brain research. We will also study the mind. We are going to show you what you don’t know you don’t know, the supplements to the “occurrences” which is what the news has become, so much passive aggression there: business section should be called stock report, publish the community ideas on how people who are not doctors or lawyers start their own businesses that pay them $40-100 for the job, not $10.25 only.

 For now, if life is a party, we need to go get some party supplies. We support projects in reading, writing, inventions, sales, sports training and nutrition, increasing time with efficiency methods, studying science, film making, comedy, and playing musical instruments; are we having fun yet? Write to the email, we return a 3D email, our invention.

 Warren Peace

Out here somewhere, far away (Berkeley)
Founder DepartmentOfGoodIdeas.com

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